Floral Anarchy provide and use flowers of premium quality in all of our bouquets offered online. We personally order, source and collect all of the florals we use in our store through relationships with wholesalers and growers that we have built over the years.

Floral Anarchy do our absolute best to source and provide premium flowers based on the colour palettes and varieties pictured on our website. However, all flowers are dependent on seasonal and logistical availability and not all flowers are available at all times. When ordering with Floral Anarchy, you understand and accept that there may be visual differences between the product images and the end product created


All fresh flowers are perishable and a flowers’ life span varies based on a number of factors including season, flower type, treatment and continuous care. This means that all flowers have a different life span and are expected to do so.

The flower varieties that we use can be expected to last anywhere from 3 - 7 days, based on the care they receive once they leave Floral Anarchy. Phalaenopsis orchid stems can be expected to last anywhere from 2 - 5 weeks, based on the care they receive one they leave Floral Anarchy. 

Whilst we use market-fresh blooms and take as much care as possible when preparing, treating and creating your blooms, flowers are fragile and special care is required to keep them looking fresh. 

Follow the below steps to help your flowers last as long as possible: 
– place your bouquet in a clean vase with fresh water as soon as possible (be sure to keep an eye on water levels, flowers like to drink) 

– change water every other day

– trim stem ends on an angle and remove any dead petals or foliage

- keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and air conditioning/heating

– remove any dead or dying stems from arrangement 


Due to the nature of our work and our industry, Floral Anarchy do not offer refunds on any flower services. If you are not completely satisfied and happy with our service or quality of flowers, please notify us within 24 hours of receiving your product/s with a photo provided and we will be more than happy to discuss replacement or store credit for future use. 
Please contact us via email with your photo included at